How and when should I cut over from VKI to Kadoe Client?

For customers upgrading from VKI to Kadoe Client, the DVLA will disable your old EDI interface, and enable your new Elise interface, according to the following schedule:

  • Before go-live: Send enquiries and receive responses over EDI using the old VKI software.  You may run Kadoe Client in test mode during this time
  • Day before go-live: Receive outstanding responses using VKI but DO NOT SEND any new enquiries
  • Go-live day, 00:01 hours: Your old EDI interface is disabled and your new Elise interface is enabled
  • Go-live day: Switch Kadoe Client out of test mode.  Kadoe Client is now live and VKI is disabled.  Send a small sample of live enquiries using Kadoe Client
  • Day after go-live: Await DVLA responses using the Elise interface.  If all is well, continue business as usual


  1. Use VKI as normal until the day before go-live
  2. On the day before go-live, do not input or import any enquiries to VKI.  Perform a Send/Receive to retrieve any outstanding enquiries
  3. On the day of go-live, your EDI connection is no longer enabled

Switch Kadoe Client out of test mode

  1. Log in to Kadoe Client - your default login is the same as in VKI
  2. Visit the Admin Functions screen, Kadoe Client tab
  3. Change the Run in TEST mode option to NO
  4. Click OK.  You will see a dialog advising you that you are switching off Test mode.
  5. Click OK again to exit Kadoe Client

Run Kadoe Client as Administrator

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder when Kadoe Client is installed (by default, this is C:\KADOE)
  2. Right-click on the Kadoe.exe icon, and choose "Run as Administrator".  (If you are using Windows XP, choose "Run as..." and then select an Administrator account).  There are full instructions with screenshots here.
  3. Kadoe Client will start up
  4. Kadoe Client will import all your enquiry and response data from VKI.  Kadoe Client will warn you if it finds any enquiries that have either not been sent to the DVLA, or have been sent but not responded to. You can choose to ignore this warning, but if you do, all these enquiries will be deleted.
  5. The VKI database is backed up and the VKI software is disabled.
  6. Navigate through the setup wizard as before.
  7. Kadoe Client is now live.  From now on, any enquiries you send will be communicated to the DVLA.