How has my organisation’s contract with the DVLA changed?

Whereas your organisation was previously known to the DVLA by its Party Code, it is now known by its Enquirer Id.  This Enquirer Id is a unique identifier proper to you and controlled by the DVLA.   

As well as acting on its own behalf, it is also now possible for your organisation to act as an intermediary on behalf of its partners, subcontractors or associated companies.  In such cases the DVLA will provide an additional Enquirer Id in respect of each partner company, and a single Intermediary Id that is proper to you.  Any enquiry made on behalf of a partner company will carry its Enquirer Id and your Intermediary Id.  

When an Enquirer registers with the DVLA, it will do so on the basis of one or more Reasons for Enquiry, based on the circumstances that cause it to request Kadoe details from the DVLA.  The DVLA will approve one or more Reasons for Enquiry in respect of each Enquirer, and one such reason must be provided with each Vehicle Enquiry.  

When you install and run Kadoe Client for the first time, Kadoe Client will download all of these details automatically.