I’m on the Enquirers screen. What do these details represent?

Depending on your organisation's contract with the DVLA, you will download details for one, or more than one, Enquirer.

  • Each Enquirer has a unique Enquirer Id in the format AA999 (two letters followed by three digits).
  • Each Enquirer has at least one Reason for Enquiry such as "Mileage check - Motor Trader", which is mapped to an Enquiry Code in the format 99AA (two digits, both usually zero, followed by two letters)
  • If you have more than one Enquirer, then all Enquirers will have a common Intermediary Id in the format A99 (one letter followed by two digits)

Every enquiry you make to the DVLA will carry an Enquirer Id and an Enquiry Code, and if necessary, the Intermediary Id as well.

When you input enquiries by hand, you must choose the appropriate Enquirer Id (unless you only have a single Enquirer) and Enquiry Code (unless your Enquirer only has a single Reason for Enquiry).  Kadoe Client will populate the Intermediary Id automatically for you.

When you import enquiries from file, each enquiry row in the file should specify an Enquirer Id and Enquiry Code (and if necessary the Intermediary Id).  If these are not specified, Kadoe Client will populate them automatically, based on the Enquirer you are importing the file for, and that Enquirer's default Reason for Enquiry.

Enquirer details are provided to us by the DVLA.  If the details seem incorrect, please contact us.