Our back-office systems send vehicle enquiry data to the VKI application in import (.IMP) files. Has the file format now changed?

Yes.  The file format has been extended to accommodate three new data fields required by the DVLA.  These include the new EnquirerId, EnquiryCode (Reason for Enquiry) and IntermediaryId fields. 

These new fields have been added to the end of each row.  The file format is otherwise unchanged.

The old file format will still be accepted by Kadoe Client.  This is because Kadoe Client will automatically associate an enquiry with your default Enquirer (and its default Enquiry Code and IntermediaryId) if these data are not provided.

If you have multiple Enquiry Codes or more than one Enquirer, you are advised to update your back-office systems to produce files in the new format.

A full description of the new import file format appears in Appendix A of the User Guide, which can be dowloaded here.