Why should I integration test my Kadoe Client software?

Before you begin your day-to-day operations of Kadoe Client, we recommend you perform a thorough integration test. 

This will give you confidence that Kadoe Client is operating correctly, and that it can integrate with your business processes and computer systems.

Integration testing enables you to:

  • familiarise yourself with how the software works
  • validate the format and content of your import files
  • verify your connection to our service
  • ensure that your back-office systems can read Kadoe Client's export files
  • test that your back-office systems write import files to (and read export files from) the appropriate folder locations
  • check that your import and export schedulers are operating normally
  • confirm that your program configurations are imported correctly, if you are upgrading from VKI

Integration testing is especially important for customers:

  • who are upgrading from Kadoe Client's predecessor software, VKI
  • who have back-office computer systems that supply data to, or consume data from, Kadoe Client
  • who operate Kadoe Client in one of its automated modes.