How do I test Kadoe Client in manual mode?

  1. Log in to Kadoe Client using the default username and password.
  2. From the Main Menu, click the Vehicle Enquiries button.
  3. On the Vehicle Enquiries screen, click Add New Enquiry.  You may enter as many test vehicle enquiries as you wish.  Click Cancel Add when you are done.
  4. Click Close to return to the Main Menu.
  5. From the Main Menu, click the Send & Receive button.
  6. On the Connection to Kadoe Service screen, click the Send / Receive Now button.
  7. Your enquiries will be sent to the Kadoe service.  Kadoe service will detect that you are running in Test Mode, and will generate dummy responses for your enquiries.  There is a delay of around 20 minutes before your responses can be downloaded.
  8. After 20 minutes, click the Send / Receive Now button again.  Kadoe Client will download your dummy responses.
  9. From the Main Menu, click the DVLA Responses button to view your dummy response data.