How do I configure my back-office systems to support Kadoe Client's file formats?

To make use of Kadoe Client's automation functions and integrate it with your back-office systems, you will need to configure these systems to support Kadoe Client's file formats and file naming conventions.

A complete schema definition of the Import and Export file formats can be found in the Appendix to the User Guide.  Download it here.  You will also need to configure your systems to write Import files to, and read Export files from, the Import and Export folders you chose for each Enquirer during setup.

Users upgrading from VKI should note that the new file formats are similar to the old, but with additional data data fields appended to each row.  The import file now has data fields for the Enquirer Id, Enquiry Code and Intermediary Id.  The export file includes some additional response data that wasn't available in the old format, such as Date of Export (for vehicles that have been exported overseas) and Date of Scrapping (for vehicles that have been scrapped).