How do I test the import functionality?

Begin by invoking the import process manually, before you attempt to import data automatically.

Create one or more enquiry import files and save them to the appropriate import folder.

Log in to Kadoe Client, open the Vehicle Enquiries screen and click Import.  If you have more than one Enquirer, you will be prompted to choose the Enquirer you are importing the enquiry data for. 

Then choose the enquiry import file you wish to import and click Open.  Remember that Kadoe Client requires the filename to be in the format VQ3*.IMP (where * represents any character or set of characters).

Kadoe Client will process the import file row-by-row, validating the format of each row and the data contained within it. 

When it encounters a row containing invalid data, Kadoe Client will ask you what to do.   You can choose to:

  • Continue and include the invalid enquiry
  • Continue but skip the invalid enquiry
  • Cancel the whole import

If the import process succeeds, you will be informed of how many enquiries were imported.  The enquiry data is now ready to view.