How can I test the AutomateImport mode?

Before you do, note that AutomateImport mode is mutually exclusive with Autoexecute mode.  Ensure that you are not running in Autoexecute mode. You should also be sure that you have:

To run in AutomateImport mode, make the following setting in your Kadoe.ini file (this will be done automatically if you are upgrading from VKI):

  • AutomateImport=Yes

Ensure there is at least one import file in the appropriate import folder.

Log in to Kadoe and go to the Send & Receive screen.  Choose Scheduled connection to the service

You can choose run times for the first scheduler (the "Send enquiries..." scheduler) by clicking its Settings button.  If you are upgrading from VKI, your existing settings with be retained for you.

Set the scheduler to run at a time in the near future, then click OK. The Next run time will be updated accordingly. 

Tick the box to start the scheduler.  When the scheduled time passes, the scheduler will run, and the following steps will take place:

  1. Any import files in your import folders are processed into enquiries (and the files are then written to an Archive folder).
  2. All outstanding enquiries are sent onward processing. 
  3. All outstanding responses are received
  4. All outstanding response data is written to your export folders.

You can verify that these steps have taken place by viewing the Transmission Log from the Main Menu.

If there was any response data outstanding, one or more files will be written to your export folder(s).  If not, set the scheduler to run again in 20 minutes time.  After 20 minutes, our service will have generated dummy response data for you which the scheduler will then download and export.