I am happy with my integration testing. What should I do next?

If you are using our software for the first time, please follow the steps below to switch Kadoe Client out of test mode. 

However, if you are upgrading from VKI to Kadoe Client, the timing is important, and you must run Kadoe Client as AdministratorPlease see here.

Switch Kadoe Client out of test mode

  1. Log in to Kadoe Client
  2. Visit the Admin Functions screen, Kadoe Client tab
  3. Change the Run in TEST mode option to NO
  4. Click OK.  You will see a dialog advising you that you are switching off Test mode.
  5. Click OK again to exit Kadoe Client
  6. Restart Kadoe Client
  7. Navigate through the setup wizard as before
  8. Kadoe Client deletes all your test enquiry and test response data
  9. Kadoe Client is now live.  From now on, any enquiries you send will be communicated to the DVLA.