Day-to-Day Operations

Ultimately this depends on the DVLA, but in the normal course of business we expect responses to be processed overnight.  

There may be particular enquiries which take longer to process. However, should any enquiry become substantially delayed, please contact us.

You can invoke a Send and Receive at any time. It isn’t necessary to store up your enquiries until the end of the day.

If it’s more convenient, you can set up the Send and Receive scheduler to do this automatically, either at regular intervals or at scheduled times throughout the day.

The Send and Receive scheduler is primarily intended for use on the local server computer in a multi-machine install, where it can be set to run continuously.

When the Send and Receive scheduler is activated, Kadoe Client enters a waiting state, and all other program functions are temporarily disabled.

However, while the local server machine may be in a waiting state, Kadoe Client can be used as normal on all other machines.

Yes. You can activate the scheduler so that it runs at predetermined times, and manually deactivate the scheduler any time you need to use the other program functions.

You can also use the scheduler when running in semi-automatic (AutomateImport) mode. In this mode, when the scheduler runs, any enquiry data files in your Import folder(s) will be imported and sent for processing, and any responses that are received will be exported to your Export folder(s).

Please view the Transmission Log from the Main Menu, where details of the errors and/or warnings will be displayed. If you have cause for concern, please contact us.

If you are inputting the VRM manually, you can check the “Skip VRM validation” checkbox and then click Save.

If you are importing the VRM in an enquiry data file, you can choose to ignore the warning. The enquiry will be imported as an “Enquiry with errors”. Locate the enquiry using the Search functions, and then click Edit Enquiry, check the “Skip VRM validation” checkbox, and click Save.

If you are running in Autoexecute mode, invalid VRMs will not be imported unless you configure Kadoe Client to bypass VRM validation completely. You do this by setting the DebugMode option in the Kadoe.ini configuration file.