Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and Server 2008 Users

To avoid compatibility issues with newer versions of Windows, you should do the following:

  • Avoid installing Kadoe Client to the Program Files folder
  • Install Kadoe Client as Administrator
  • Set Kadoe.exe to Run as Administrator, in compatibility mode for XP SP2
  • Set the permissions on the install folder to all users
  • Disable the Windows Aero interface

Newer versions of the Windows operating system create a user cache of the Program Files folder in a hidden VirtualStore.  This caching behaviour can lead to enquiry files being imported more than once, incurring unwanted duplication and cost.

You are advised to accept the default location during installation, which is a folder such as C:\KADOE

When you first install Kadoe Client, right-click the downloaded installer package kadoe.v1.setup.exe, and choose "Run as administrator".

After you install Kadoe Client, navigate to the installation location in Windows Explorer.  By default this is C:\KADOE.  Double-click on the KADOE folder to view the files within it.

Right-click on the Kadoe.exe icon, and choose Properties.

A Properties window will open for Kadoe.exe

Click on the Compatibility tab.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the "Run this program as administrator" checkbox is ticked

You should also ensure that the "Run this program in compatibility mode" checkbox is ticked, and that "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" is selected in the dropdown menu.

Click OK to save these settings.

You may now proceed to run Kadoe Client.

To ensure that non-Administrator users have permission to run Kadoe Client, follow the steps below. 

In Windows Explorer, navigate to the installation location in Windows Explorer (by default, C:\KADOE). 

Right-click on the KADOE folder and choose Properties.

A KADOE Properties window will open

Click the Security tab

Under Group or user names, select Users

Then, under Permissions for Users, against the Full Control permission, ensure that the Allow checkbox is ticked.


In very occasional circumstances, an incompatibility with the Windows Aero interface can lead to Main Menu buttons temporarily disappearing from view.  This does not affect Kadoe Client program functions.

If this becomes an issue, follow the steps below to disable the Windows Aero interface.

Right-click anywhere on your Desktop and choose Personalize

Scroll down past the "Aero themes" until you see "Basic and High Contrast Themes".

Finally, click on any of these themes.  The Main Menu buttons should no longer be hidden from view.