Welcome to Kadoe

Kadoe Client is your means to discover vehicle ownership details held by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

When provided with a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) and a Date of Event, Kadoe Client will request Keeper at Date of Event (Kadoe) details from the DVLA and make them available to you. These are the personal or organisational details of the owner of the VRM, and the vehicle it was registered to, at a particular point in time.

Kadoe Client has been designed to work as both a manual data entry interface and an automatic batch file processor, fully integrated with your back-office systems.

Kadoe Client and its precursor software have been deployed in the field for over fifteen years. New users of Kadoe Client will benefit from the real-world experience of us and our many customers. Existing users will find an improved interface, a smooth upgrade path, and many enhanced features including multi-user support.