Important information about your KADOE data and the DVLA

The DVLA are making progress with their completely new Vehicle Keeper database lookup and we have been told that they will share details of the new system with link providers such as our selves, in the coming weeks.
Until the new system comes on-line, the DVLA tell us, they are unable to accept new enrolments.

If you would like updates when we get them, please drop a line to info.kadoe@valcon.com
12 June 2024

You are reminded of the conditions of the KADOE (Keeper At Date Of Event) agreement signed between DVLA and your company, and the contract signed between your company and VALCON.

The vehicle keeper information requested via KADOE is available under regulations that allow extracts from the Vehicle Main File to be made available to those who have “reasonable cause” to request the information.

Requests for information must be in connection with your trade or business for one of the following reasons:

Cars parking on private property

Releasing vehicle information to landowners or their agents helps to find the keeper of a vehicle that has:

  • obstructed access to land or property
  • been abandoned on private property
  • been parked without payment of the relevant fees
  • been parked without the right to do so, eg in a space reserved for disabled motorists

Releasing information where fraud is suspected

  • DVLA will release information to find the keeper of a vehicle that has driven off without paying for road, tunnel or bridge charges.
  • Petrol stations and garages can find the vehicle keeper who has left without paying for fuel, or has paid for fuel or repairs dishonestly.
  • Loss adjusters and insurance companies can obtain vehicle keeper information when they are investigating road traffic accidents and fraudulent theft claims.
  • Information can help find a previous vehicle keeper, as part of an investigation into suspected vehicle ‘clocking’ offences under the Trade Descriptions Act.

Information to help with financial issues

There are many instances where DVLA will release information where there are large financial implications.

  • It can help reduce crime by helping finance companies find the keeper of a vehicle who has fraudulently obtained a leasing or loan agreement on the vehicle.
  • Information can help a court appointed receiver or liquidator work out vehicle assets during insolvency proceedings.
  • A vehicle’s keeper can be confirmed to help debt collection agents, acting under a court order, take the vehicle.

Information disclosed if there’s been an accident or incident

  • Insurance companies, acting for a policyholder, can ask for information to help trace other parties involved in a road traffic accident or incident.
  • A vehicle’s keeper, involved in a minor hit and run incident that doesn’t call for a full police investigation, can be found. This could include personal injury or damage to a vehicle or property.
  • Solicitors, acting for a client, can find the keeper of a vehicle involved in an accident or incident, or where the vehicle is involved in legal proceedings.

Information cannot be released for any other reason

DVLA will monitor your use of KADOE and conduct periodic audits to confirm compliance with the regulations.

DVLA must meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act, and false declarations may be referred to the Data Protection Registrar as a suspected breach.